Monday, January 19, 2009

The First Post

I am known as mroneto within my region, and I will do all I can to publish important information and news concerning the revelations and advancements made in regards to Gunpla. Seeing as this is the first blog I have ever created, do not expect huge results out of this site, but do not be discouraged, as over time, more stuff will be learned, and in all actuality, this blog may actually make a name for itself.
I'll be posting any WIP items I have at the time, any finished works, along with new/upcoming kits, and any new items I receive.
Thank you for viewing this blog, and if you have any tips or suggestions as to what I should do with this site, please feel free to post a comment somewhere.



  1. psh urs is lame....u gundam otaku. MY BLOG WILL HAVE MORE GUNDAM WIP THAN YOU~! MUAHHA

  2. Derringer: First WIP post in about a day or two
    Alex: mine is so much better than yours XD